Friday, August 13, 2010


"As far as Christianity goes there are 2 options in Germany: Catholisch (Catholic) and Evangelisch (everything else). Most Evangelisch folks are of a Lutheran denomination, but it's pretty much a blanket name for any other Christian faith. One unique thing about Germany is that the number of Catholisch and Evangelisch Churches are about the same. Luther started the Reformation, so that movement is strong here. But before that, Catholism was all over the German map as well.

Generally more people in the south and west regions are Catholic (ie: where I am now), and people in the east are Protestant and also atheist (due to communism).

Only members of Catholic, Lutheran, and LDS churches are allowed to legally prosylyte here. There are members of the Jehovahs Witnesses that try and hand out pamphlets, etc. But they technically aren't allowed to go door to door, street preach, or talk about their religion in public. As for us, we have to have a special license to prosylyte. It certifies that we have taken a 4 year course (seminary) and have a "diploma" in Christian doctrine. "
- Elder Daniel Schuetz

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