Monday, August 9, 2010


"Pics...are kind of annoying. I will try and see how much a small package would cost to send. I have 2 flash drives of pictures here. Meanwhile, here are 2 to tide you over.

1) AXE- "because no girl is called 'hey you!'"
2) Us teaching Bro. Peters. He is a blind man, who was in the hospital for a while, so we couldn't teach him. There is actually a surprising number of blind people here. Anyway, he had been taught the all of the discussions except the Word of Wisdom. He is an avid smoker, so it was a shock for him to learn that not smoking is a commandment from the Lord. But he promised to try and quit, so we shall see. We are giving him a ride to church.

As for this week, we went through the contact list that missionaries had compiled over the years. We have gotten 2 new appointments from this method this week. I hope they go through...

Oh, we are getting some new world-wide mission-traning method explained to us this week. It's supposed to revolutionize the work and some missionaries are excited for it. They already started it in South America, and now they are bringing it to Europe. I get to find out on Wednesday.

That's it for now."

- Elder Daniel Schuetz

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