Monday, August 2, 2010


"A cool thing happened this week. Schwester Vogel, a lady who hadn't been to church in years called us up and said she had a dream that she, her friend (also a member), and 2 missionaries she didn't know were sitting at her kitchen table, teaching her and her friend. So we made her dream come true so to speak.....We taught her, and then I got to give her a blessing. She wanted it in English, so I felt a little more free on what I could say.

And that Sunday she came to church. She said her friend would need a little more time, but that she would eventually come. I am really impressed after talking with her. She lives about half an hour from the church building, her parents are totally anti everything mormon, and she is having some health difficulties. I guess it's cool to see that the Lord can work in mysterious ways, and can give you spiritual experiences, even if you aren't expecting them.

Not much happened this last week other than that, coupled with lots of rejection.

This week however, will be different. We are trying to accomplish the mission goal of 20 lessons/companionship. It appears especially difficult in this area, since apparently it has the history of not being very fruitful with lessons. However, we are gonna do it.

Today, we are going to the Harribo Gummi Bear Factory, one of the highlights of Solingen. That should be interesting.
Hope all is well in Irvine. I am praying for you all."

-Elder Daniel Schuetz

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