Monday, June 7, 2010


Hey...stopped through texas on the way here. traveled with comp. got a new comp when i got here. his name is elder rogers and he grew up on a farm in washington.he's pretty cool.My first area is Soligen. They are famous for their knives....I might buy one.
Correction. My comp's name is elder merrill. Elder rogers is the zone leader....

Life in Germany-1. Everyone smokes. its ridiculous...2. cars can park halfway on the sidewalk3. i saw 2 people get arrested and then get released (the police had the wrong guys) the first 2 days i was here4. there are not many houses here. just a lot of apartments. its kinda like san fran...lots of busses and weird looking apartments5. there's graffiti everywhere6. the people who are modest in dress are more modest than the US, but those who are immodest are more immodest than the US7. We are not allowed to teach muslims (Turks) cause it is a risk to their lifeThe ward is super cool and friendy and all is well. More updates next week.

a few more things....-we found a guy that was baptised recently by my comp, got drunk....that was interesting.-the ward has about 35 members...-Turkish people are everywhere....-black people that are actually from Africa are awesome. they give amazing prayers and tend to be nicer than most african-americans.-lots of people know english, but not perfect....and it's british english-the autobahn has speed limits in some places-as i travel through germany, i see a pattern. forest is everywhere, and then a city comes city (all cities are similar to LA- rich and poor areas, trash everywhere, and posters with people that can't afford clothes...if ya know what i mean)-there are more people than I thought with interest in the gospel, but less that are willing to take the steps (ie- stop smoking) to baptism.-döner is awesome. it's a turkish food, similar to a fallafel wrap.- i have already had german sausage 4 times
my times out....bye!!!

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